Saturday, November 15, 2014

Read a Magazine!

Kiki: For Girls with Style and Substance

We have magazines that you can read here or check out and take home! One of them is called Kiki, and is all about fashion and making your own stuff! If you like Project Runway (or PR Threads, now!), you will really love all of the articles in Kiki. The August/September issue has how to make a clutch out of an old book (perfect for the library book sale!) and a profile of fashion schools around the world.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love is the Drug

by Alaya Dawn Johnson

***Guest post by Amanda B.***

Emily, aka Bird, remembers being at the party thrown by another member of the social elite, but she doesn't remember what happened that causes her to wake up several days later in the hospital. When she awakes she learns the deadly v-flu virus has gotten worse and the area of Washington D.C. where she lives is under strict quarantine. There’s a government agent who is convinced Bird knows something to do with the virus and is determined to find out what she knows. Her scientist parents are out of town and tell her to be a good girl and follow the rules. Coffee is the only person Bird can trust to help her and together they dig deep to find out what happened the night of Bird’s accident and what relation it has to the v-flu.
This book has suspenseful and will have readers guessing what, if anything Bird knows. While there is a romance between Bird and Coffee, it is not the whole story. The developing friendship between Bird and another character, as well as her relationship with her cousin, are sweet additions to the story. The story includes some of Bird’s struggles being African American as well.
Readers who are looking for diversity in books without diversity being the focus should be sure to give this a try.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Read the Book before you see the Movie

Suggestions by Amanda B.

*While Mockingjay part 1 comes out November 2014, fans don't have to wait till November 2015 to find out how it ends.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We Were Liars

by e. lockhart

Cadence is part of a wealthy family who summers on a private island near Martha's Vineyard. She is one of the Liars - the family name for the four teen cousins who are near the same age. There is Mirren and Johnny, and Johnny's step cousin Gat, who has come for several summers to visit. Cadence, called Cady by her family, starts a little romance with Gat, but is told by her mother and grandfather to call it off. She and the other Liars protest this decision, and everyone deals with the protest differently.
At some point, Cady has an accident and loses some of her memory, and doesn't know why the other Liars - Johnny, Mirren and Gat - don't contact her. She is narrating the book, and because she can't remember what happened, she can't tell us. Johnny, Mirren, Gat and some of the other family members seem to have something they want to tell her, but Cady can't seem to understand what they are referencing.
This is a really interesting novel, told by a very interesting narrator. It's easy to read and fast paced, but the timing jumps back and forth between summers. There is some romance,and plenty of drama, and Cady swings from being a dramatic teen to a straight forward narrator and the effect is riveting! Readers, you won't be able to put this down and if this review is a little vague about the plot, well - there's nothing I can do about that. To tell you more is to reveal the book's secrets, and you'll have to find them out yourself!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fantasy League

by Mike Lupica

***Guest post by Amanda B.***

Charlie "The Brain" Gaines is a fantasy football king with all his knowledge of professional football. He is thrilled with the return of football to Los Angeles-- the only problem is that L.A. Bulldogs are awful. The team's owner, Mr. Warren, is the grandfather of Charlie's best friend Anna, and he is willing to listen to what Charlie thinks will help his team. Does Charlie really have the knowledge to help the team to victory or should he stick to fantasy football?
This book is filled with football--from games of the fictional professional team to Charlie talking about professional and fantasy football, and Charlie's Pop Warner football team. If you are not a fan of fantasy football, this book is still one to try (especially if you are a fan of Mike Lupica's other books). The characters are enjoyable and many of the interactions between Charlie and Anna are amusing. This book is appropriate for tween readers, but anybody who enjoys a book about football should give this a try.